Violin lessons at De Voetnoodt

Apart from offering foot reflex therapy, I also teach playing the violin and viola. The webpages concerning these lessons are still being developed, but you can always contact me for more information!

Hilde Louise van Caspel (Amsterdam, 1961)  



I grew up in an Amsterdam family with 4 children. Music was made every day (piano, voice, recorder, violin), as an ensemble around the piano. From the age of 8 I received violin lessons in De Suite at Willemsparkweg. A very nice place where ensembles were regularly formed and performances were given. The Scheffer - Rester couple gave , respectively ,piano and violin lessons. It was there that I first became acquainted with the viola. I also attended many concerts of the Amsterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

After 4 years of studying the violin at the Hilversum Conservatory, I switched to the viola. After another 4 years studying viola with Gert-Jan Leuverink, I graduated as a Music Teacher. I have already played as a viola player in various orchestras. In the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra with permanent conductor Hartmut Haenchen, I have played many operas and symphony programs for 14 years as permanent substitute. I played in the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra in Reykjavík for 1 year (the homesickness was too strong), season 1990-1991.

I am a member of the viola quartet The Hill and as an independent viola player I support various amateur orchestras and ensembles, such as the Accordion Ensemble Alphen Opus 2 and the Amstelveens Symfonie Orkest. I have previously performed with the ensemble Corda Giusta (vocal / viola duo), and I have also gained experience as a musical clown. Besides the violin and viola, I took piano and bass guitar lessons and one year of Arabic violin lessons. I also own a violin tuned to the Arabian mood. I regularly play with a Syrian ud player. With Music Theater Light & Shadow, with Syrian actors, I gave several performances 'Home', including in the OBA Amsterdam, 2018 -2019. I wrote out the viola parts myself.

Since October 2018 I am a member of (Gregorian) Schola Arboris, conducted by Marianne Kalsbeek. We sing Mass every month in De Papegaai, Amsterdam. For many years I sing monthly in the church choir of the Willem de Zwijgerkerk conducted by church musician Jan Marten de Vries and pianist / organist Jo van Beusekom. In recent years I have played at 8 farewell services of deceased relatives and friends. More and more I discover that singing, playing the viola and the violin is an excellent means of heart to heart communication for me.

I started teaching during my studies in Hilversum, until now. I have guided students individually and in groups (Stichting Leerorkest Zuidoost). Ages from 6 years to (a starting student of) 76 years. From hearing impaired to people with an absolute hearing; everyone is welcome and has musical possibilities!