As from Wednesday 3/3/21 De Voetnoodt is officially allowed to work again!


You can mail or app me to make an appointment.

On the very day we have an appointment, I will first contact you and will ask triage questions about your health situation.

If either you or I have to say yes to any of these questions, we will have to cancel our appointment. Cancelling for this reason will be without any costs.

I will bring my own protection faceshield, mouth masks, latex gloves and disinfectant gel. Although I prefer washing my hands with water and soap.

We will keep our distance, no hand shaking. When sneezing or coughing occurs, we will use a paper handkerchief or our elbow. And then wash our hands again.

Speaking during the treatment will be limited, to lessen the chance of a possible contamination. Before and after the treatment we will have a conversation ofcourse, both of us will be wearing a mask for safety reasons.

I follow the RIVM Corona recommendations daily. If there is a change in the situation (increasement of patients), I will have to close De Voetnoodt again. Ofcourse I will inform you if this is the case.

Wiggle your toes regularly, this will reduce the tension in your head. Take care of yourself and your dear ones!


Gift cards

Did you know that De Voetnoodt provides gift cards? You can send an e-mail to order one for your friend, familymember, partner, colleague, yourself...

The design will be personified, up to your wishes. Payment by transfer, cash or Tikkie possible.


During the intelligent lockdown Spring 2020, I attended a few webinars. I received certificates for these webinars.

April 2020:

  • Supporting clients with reflexology after corona, by Jeannet Botter, Biru Kai Opleidingen
  • Emotions during and after corona, by Jeannet Botter, Biru Kai Opleidingen
  • De strength of Qi, Blood and Fluids, to support your immunesystem, by Els Matthijssen, Total Health Academy

Augustus 2020

I attended the 3-days Module Neurorefleology by Henk Goossens, Total Health Academy. And recieved the certificate.

All this new knowledge I could allready use very well in my treatments. I would strongly recommend people suffering of postcorona complaints , to make one or more appointments, to strenghten their immunesystem and support their wellbeing. Neuroreflextherapy is a good treatment for complaints of organs, muscles, bones, scarfs, hormonal disbalance, senses, nerve pains.
It is really amazing what can be done during or after one treatment!

Training organised by the N.V.V.T. , Heiloo ( After February 2020 online webinars)

February 2020

The cranio sacral system, the basic system of the body.
By treating the spine, the selfhealing ability can be activated.

November 2020

Neurodegeneration, Alzheimer and Parkinson.
Knowledge to be able to give preventive advice and treatments.

January 2021

The five element theory according to the Nine Star Ki method.
The core of Chinese health science.

February 2021

Gut & Immunity , webinar by owners/teachers     

The connection between the brain,the gut, the microbiome and how to relate this in a foorreflex treatment. Plus extra techniques.

The importance of well-functioning bowels cannot be stressed enough. Whenever I provide reflex zone therapy, stomach/bowel/liver/pancreas are involved. If these function properly, it has a direct effect on the brain. Even the brain itself can be massaged by stimulating the feet. In my daily practice I notice that this, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. See also the page with Reviews (on my Dutch page even more reviews to read)!