Welcome to De Voetnoodt!

Reflex Zone Therapy for Pregnant Women,

and all other 0 - 100 yrs old people!

My name is Hilde Louise van Caspel. I was born in Amsterdam, 1961.

In 1989 I started studying and practising various kinds of massage therapies.In 2000 I graduated in foot reflexology. Since then I have specialised myself in reflexology for a.o. pregnant women. The protocols developed by Marjo de Vos, teacher of nurses and pioneer of reflexology for pregnancy are very helpful to me.

Since the last fifteen years I also accompany elderly people, and/or people with Alzheimer diseases. The treatments really help to stimulate their digestion. This benefits their wellbeing and brain capacity.

The relaxing attention I can provide my clients with,is being highly appreciated.

Several addresses in Amsterdam available.

Home treatments at your place are a possibility as well !

The full treatment lasts 90 minutes.