Welcome to De Voetnoodt!

Reflex Zone Therapy for Pregnant Women,

and all other 0 - 100 yrs old people!

My name is Hilde Louise van Caspel. I was born in Amsterdam, 1961.

In 1989 I started studying and practising various kinds of massage therapies.In 2000 I graduated in foot reflexology. Since then I have specialised myself in reflexology for pregnant women. The protocols developed by Marjo de Vos, teacher of nurses and pioneer of reflexology for pregnancy, Carla Huis in 't Veld- Overvelde and of Mauricio Kruchik, are very helpful to me.  

Since the last fifteen years I also accompany elderly people, and/or people with Alzheimer diseases. The treatments really help to stimulate their digestion. This benefits their wellbeing and brain capacity.

The relaxing attention I can provide my clients with,is being highly appreciated.


Home treatments at your place are a possibility as well !

My other workingspace is located at Massagestudio Corpus Rub

The full treatment lasts 90 uptil 120 minutes.